Kimono Tees

I’m on a bit of a top making mission at the moment. I’ve had some success with my two pairs of Flo jeans that I just love wearing, plus the shorts that I made as first versions of both the Barbs and the Flos. And now I really want to replace a lot of my RTW tops.

As well as being cool (it’s bloody hot here already at 38 degrees), they need to be cycling friendly. I’ve been riding a lot lately, both for exercise most mornings for an hour or so (go me), but also just as transport around town.



I made the first version in local cotton, which is an ok print but has no drape at all.


Just to add some style to what is an oh so basic design, I added sleeve bands.


Just a simple rectangle added to the sleeve hems and then turned up.

The second version is from yet another piece of exceedingly cheap rayon. I love this one.


I’m really pleased with how the irregular stripe worked out, even on the shoulder seams.


Looking at these now, I think I might try a small FBA on this. It is definitely rising a little. I also need to remember to take a little bit out of the front neckline. It isn’t obvious at all in the stiffer cotton but I do notice it in the rayon. But boy, doesn’t this show just how much I am all front and no back. Speaking of back…


I added sleeve bands to this too but they are not quite as successful. This is largely due to the drape of the rayon. Although they were better when first made. I think I might press much more diligently than I iron;)  I might end up stitching them in place at the sleeve seam as they tend to fall down a bit.


Both of these also have very slightly curved hems. I’ve found the trick to sewing these is to hem first. I just run a quick line of stitching one presser foot width from the hem (because I’m precise like that)), which gives a nice line to press up the 7mm or so, then turn again and stitch. Because it is narrow it lies flat. Then I stitch the side seams starting at the hem. If I’m a couple of mm out, I can always fudge it at the sleeve end and it means that they definitely match at the hem.

It is nice to have a really basic blank canvas for some interesting fabric, that is also cool, comfortable and cycling friendly. Although unfortunately not with my absolutely favourite denim skirt, which now sadly does not get worn as often.

Now I am investigating cycle friendly dresses. Any suggestions?

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5 Responses

  1. sewbussted says:

    A kimono tee is just the best! Easy to make and easy to wear. Stay cool!!!

  2. Lynn Marsh says:

    Coulottes? Enjoy your blog.

    • gayeproctor says:

      Thanks so much. I have thought long and hard about cullottes but can’t see them working on me or at least haven’t yet seen any that I think could work on me.

  3. gayeproctor says:

    Thanks a lot. I’m looking at pleated dresses, so we’ll see how I get on.

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