Shopping Notion

So I went shopping… I am most impressed with the bias maker and hemmer foot – although I don’t think the Thai language instructions are going to be very helpful for the hemmer foot – thank heaven for the blogosphere! And I have no idea why I bought those buttons. They were to cute to […]

A little perspective…

So I was all ready to start on a rub off pattern from a RTW blouse this morning. However, this is what my drafting/cutting table looks like this morning Yes, that is the large (very large) bamboo reflected in the water on the table. Yes it’s pissing it down here. Yes my table is outside. […]

So why Sew sew hot (updated)

A little explanation of the title might be in order. It is hot here … all the time. Well technically there is a cool season but the temp still doesn’t often drop below thirty. So as much as I love jackets and I really love reading about other people making them (and lots of other […]