How did I not know that???

I managed to get my hands on some sewing books recently, one of which is Now I actually haven’t gotten very far into it because I am still reeling from this tip in the Sewing Equipment section How did I not know that my tape measure was standard seam allowance width? (And yes, I did […]

Some bloglovin tidying up

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Please note the new address – there is a reason behind which will become obvious in the fullness of time i.e. I’ll tell you all shortly! The bloglovin button will connect the new blog. Sorry for any inconvenience

I nearly forgot…

Well obviously I did actually forget to say hi to my 4 followers. Unfortunately Bloglovin only sent a notification once so I don’t actually know who you are. I will sort this out but you’ll have to be patient since I’m new to this. It is quite surreal (and more than a little nerve wracking, […]