So why Sew sew hot (updated)

A little explanation of the title might be in order. It is hot here … all the time. Well technically there is a cool season but the temp still doesn’t often drop below thirty. So as much as I love jackets and I really love reading about other people making them (and lots of other lovely warm and snuggly makes) there won’t be any of that here. There will be lots of cotton and cool and comfortable.

Are you a hot climate sewing blogger? Please leave a link in the comments so that I can follow you.

This will be the last intro post, I promise. From now on it will be all about the sewing and will include photos because we all know they are the best bit incredibly informative.

Updated 1/10

I have been inspired by my sewing machine (and not having ever been inspired by the original blog title) and so have changed the blog title to Creating my own happiness…

See the post Not so white and boring for the source of inspiration. Let’s hope it continues to inspire (but more in a sewing kind of way).

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Gaye – I have found your blog – always good to do. I've had a break from sewing as well until the beginning of this year, so you are in (good??) company. Takes a while to get back into the swing of things. Looking forward to seeing your tropical clothes.

  2. Gaye says:

    SarahLiz, I'm so sorry and you must think me so rude. I did 'answer' your comment but I left a new comment instead of replying. Won't make that Mistake again:) So belatedly here is my original reply.

    Ooh I certainly feel in very good company. Strangely I have found it a bit like riding a bicycle (you don't forget) but have to keep reminding myself to take it slowly to begin with. I think my memories exceed my abilities at this stage:)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment – you are the very first! And it is so very encouraging. Thanks again.

  3. Chris Lucas says:

    Hi Gaye, I'm definitely a hot climate sewer as well. I live in Port Hedland in Western Australia about 200km from the hottest official town in the country “Marble Bar”. Port Hedland is a remote mining town. We have very few shops and no fabric stores of any kind and only 1 dress shop besides Kmart. There's actually not much here at all and thank goodness for the internet or I'd be one very lonely hot sewer LOL. I have an air conditioner in my little sewing room that's never been turned off since we moved into here which is about 18mths ago and probably won't get turned off until we move out hahaha. Our summers get over 50degrees but it does cool down in winter where our days can be around 25degrees. I too would love to sew jackets and dress in layers but it's simply too hot here and I wouldn't get much of a chance to wear them unless we went on a holiday. I am planning on making a jacket though more just for the experience and to learn the techniques and I've always wanted a Channel style jacket so I'm going to jump in and make one… probably in the new year as I'm waiting for my pattern to arrive at the moment & Xmas is getting a little close now. Fingers crossed once I've made it we'll have a colder than normal winter next year and I'll get to wear my jacket 🙂

    I too had a break for quite a few years and really only got back into sewing again last year. I think it's something that never truly leaves us and we can pick up again at anytime in our lives.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more and seeing all the lovely things you make for you climate as I'm sure we'll probably enjoy wearing similar summer styles 🙂

  4. Gaye says:

    Hi Chris, you really are a hot climate sewist. I've certainly heard of Marble Bar (probably from weather reports) and Port Hedland.

    Good luck with the Chanel style jacket and I so hope that you get a cold winter to wear it. We were hoping for a cold “cool season” this year but so far it is warmer than usual if anything. I haven't even managed to wear my 'warmer' cotton or linen shirts yet, let alone a jacket.

    I too look forward to seeing your makes as another 'bloody hot weather' blogger!

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