Make a garment a month challenge

Wow, my first ever challenge and just to make it even more challenging it will be my first completely me-made garment in nearly 30 years. (The sort of sorbetto doesn’t count and is already back on the cutting table).

And if that wasn’t enough, I am also going to make the Danielle dress from Burdastyle.

I must admit that I have looked at this pattern many times and felt very ambivalent about it. But I kept going back to it – probably because it is remarkably similar to the only dress I have owned in the last 20 years (I’m more of a separates girl obviously) and I did like that dress, a lot. I kept thinking, the right fabric, the right sleeves (because it was never going to happen as per the pattern) it could work.

And then I saw this by Deby at Sew so easy and I was convinced. It is hard to believe it is the same dress.

So I decided the pattern was a go and then I also found this

And no it isn’t a great border print, it is a printing error. But it has created a great border effect and coincidentally in the right proportions for a light bodice, dark skirt ending in the light border. And because it is a defect I got it for $1 pm. So I don’t have to worry about ruining great (or expensive) fabric and I bought the whole 4 metres so I have some extra to play with.

So the fabric is pre-washed and ready to go. For the first time ever- I didn’t even know you were supposed to do this until recently. (In my defence, last time I was sewing they had barely invented the computer, let alone the internet.)

I have downloaded and taped and cut the pattern pieces. So now there is just the small thing of an FBA on this bodice – my first ever FBA, I might add. Should be interesting….

Thank you so much Sarah Liz for organising/coordinating this challenge. It is just the incentive I need to make a well-fitted, well-finished dress. Yay!!

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is up to.

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, that's brave, downloading a pattern – all that sticking together of pieces of paper – must be quite a challenge.

    This is a nice dress – like you, I've been a separates person (lifestyle reasons I suspect). The fabric is lovely – you must have great sources up there 🙂

  2. Gaye says:

    It isn't actually a question of brave – I have no choice. While I have a great choice of fabrics and notions (at fabulous prices compared to most places) I have never seen a pattern for sale here. So I either buy online and have to wait such a long time for a pattern to arrive in the post (and it gets expensive) or I download. And I actually don't mind the whole taping process (fortunately).

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