Men’s shirting…. finally!

I’ve been fabric shopping again. And this time I didn’t buy anything for myself. I have finally found some fabrics to make Mr H a shirt or too. Now I know that finding shirting shouldn’t be that difficult. However, Mr H doesn’t really like checks. So that wipes out a huge amount of casual fabrics. There are, of course, lots of stripes but then so many of those can look quite businessy. And there’s no way Mr H would wear florals and the vast majority of patterns are out as well. Which doesn’t actually leave much.

So I was very pleased to find some great cotton that I think will make great shirts. Even though they are in fact stripes.

First a bit of a fancy white with black stripes.

Then white again but this time with blue and gold stripes.

And perhaps if he is feeling adventurous

These cottons are really lovely and a little bit more interesting because the stripes are all woven so they have a lovely textured look and feel.

So now I have no excuse and will need to start shirtmaking.

Oh and if you find it similarly difficult to buy for your man you can find these fabrics in my etsy store.

Do you have trouble finding suitable shirting? Or have a favourite online source?

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  1. becki-c says:

    Farmhouse fabrics ( is where I have gotten some of my favorites, very luscious to touch! Those are really nice. Have fun shopping!

  2. Gaye says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Gaye says:

    Thanks for the tip – I'll check it out.

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