My first man’s shirt

Well I did it and it was actually not only quite easy but lots of fun. Here it is

I used Lekala pattern no. 6207 (I think) supposedly to Mr H’s measurements but then took 3cm off each shoulder. I also made the collar smaller although this was purely a design decision. Next time (and there will be several more of these) I will make the collar stand smaller as well.

Probably the only other thing worth noting about the pattern is that I had chosen to have seam allowances added but they are only 1cm. Not a big problem unless you want to flat fell the seams – that gets tricky. Fortunately there was enough extra ease to just use 2cm seam allowances instead.

Like many of use, I also had a little help from my friends. Well actually they aren’t my friends they’ve never even heard of me but still… I used the truly excellent alternative method to attach a collar from four square walls. You can find that here. I found this so much easier than what I remember even if it has been 30 years since I last made a proper collar.

The fabulous Peter Lappin is also generously sharing tips from his class at FIT and had a great tip to use your zipper foot for edgestitching. You can find that and more here.

If you don’t already follow Andrea or Peter  then you really should have a look.

As I said this all went together rather well. I was a little concerned about making buttonholes (again for the first time in a looong time) but my little Janome did a great job.

This fabric wasn’t actually the easiest for a first attempt as it is a loose weave and tends to grow a bit. So I am really looking forward to making one in a nice, crisp, cotton. You can find out more about the fabric in my previous post here.

And another pic just because I can. But no, none with Mr H (who looked aghast when I said I was going to photograph his shirt since he thought I wanted him to be wearing it).

So do you make men’s shirts? Or have you done any other selfless sewing lately?

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6 Responses

  1. Juliane says:

    Hi, Gaye! I found your blog through Rhonda and I look forward to seeing more of your garments!

  2. That is very nice, lovely stripe matching too. Well done!

  3. Tee says:

    Great job!!!! Nice blog!!!

  4. Gaye says:

    Thanks very much and welcome!

  5. Gaye says:

    Thanks very much. I must admit I was quite pleased with the stripe matching too.

  6. Gaye says:

    Thanks very much. I'm glad you like it and the blog.

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