Time flies and all that…

I really didn’t realise how far behind schedule I was on a few things, nor how long it’s been since I posted until just now. I swear that the older I get, and the more fun I’m having, the faster the time flies. Believe me when I was working in the Middle East time just dragged but ever since I’ve been back I turn around twice and a month has gone by.
Which is why this still isn’t finished, even though I planned to make it in April.

It was actually coming along nicely… until I tried it on. Unfortunately, it is a bit too big. And also too long through the upper bodice – which is not an issue I’ve had before. Now with all the seaming it is a relatively simple task to make it smaller – although since I could probably lift it a couple of inches at the shoulder seams, that might require a little more thought.

But, and it is a big but, I am just not sure that it is me. I think it would have been me when I worked in universities but I work from home now and so I just don’t think it is me anymore. I am also unsure about the whole fit and flare silhouette on me. I know that it is supposed to be flattering and show off the narrowest part of you but whilst my waist is technically my narrowest part (by actual measurement) it is proportionally speaking my largest part. And my hips are narrow (about 2 sizes smaller than my waist) and my bum is really flat so there is nothing to flare over. As much as I’m not terribly keen on the whole women as fruit system, maybe this is an apple thing? What do you think?

So it is sitting in a corner whilst I contemplate what to do with it. I am thinking of finishing it in its current size and giving it to my sister. I think it would probably fit her pretty much as is since she is taller than me and while our measurements are quite similar we are quite different shapes. Mmm will just have to think on it for a bit…..

So after this discovery, I thought I would whip up a quick floral skirt for week 2 of Project Sewn. Yes, I know it was ages ago. I reused my Lekala 5025 pattern that I used for my very much loved denim skirt using this fabric

I thought I would be able to use the border print to good effect. I also knew that pattern matching would be necessary/difficult/impossible. Yes, I did think all of those things:) So I cut it all in a single layer, paying close attention etc, etc. Spent ages making sure the pattern matched across the front pockets. All going swimmingly until I tried to attach the centre front panel to the two side front panels. I just could not make it match even vaguely. And I tried, believe me I tried. And then I realised that the only piece I didn’t cut single was the centre front panel. I cut it on the fold and of course it was a little off. Maybe a lot off.

So it too is in the corner whilst I contemplate what to do with it. I have enough fabric left to recut the centre front panel. Or I also have some nice solid black textured cotton which would work well with this fabric. Which of course would be the much quicker option. And probably what I’ll do, probably in the next day or so.

So after both of these less-than-fabulous sewing experiences I needed a definite win and I needed it fast. So I made H another pair of shorts. I used the same pattern as last time, which is probably about the only pattern I’ll ever use for him since it fits perfectly straight off. You can read about the first (two) pairs I made here.

This pic is overexposed in an attempt to make something visible. This fabric is the most saturated black, which looks fab IRL but doesn’t do photos. The topstitching is dark grey for some subtle styling.

I used the tutorial from Grainline Studios again for the fly and it came together with no problems.

Now I know that a lot is written about sewing for others but I really like sewing for H. He is really easy to fit and fairly easy to please. He is also really grateful and loves, and wears frequently, everything I have made for him. Which lets face it is actually only 3 pairs of shorts and a shirt.

I have some lovely linen stashed to make him another shirt. But I think I’ll hang on to it for when I next need a quick fix.

What do you think about fit and flare? Are they for you? Are they for apples?

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2 Responses

  1. becki-c says:

    I've been wondering the same thing about fit-n-flare. I'm a tall apple and I'm struggling to find flattering clothes while trying to lose weight. they are all the rage right now, good luck finding anything else in the store right now. Unfortunately that is what I do suggest. Find a clothing store and try things on. Not just one or two things, try 8 or 10. I do like the shorts, the front finishing looks very professional.
    That first dress, sorry about the fitting issues. It doesn't look particularly flattering in the pattern photo either, IMHO. Sometimes you just have to move on.

  2. Gaye Proctor says:

    Yes, I think you're right about the dress. I totally hear you re trying on clothes. Unfortunately, here there is very little available in my size to try on. Lots of casual separates, very, very few dresses or slightly dressier clothes in general. But I also probably need to make a greater effort to seek them out and try them on. Cheers

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