Reluctant Barbs

Actually the Barbs aren’t reluctant. I’m just reluctant to publish this post. Once again the photos have thrown me. 
See I love these Barbs. They feel fabulous. Hands down the most comfortable jeans (yes, I’m calling them jeans) I have owned in years. Which admittedly isn’t actually saying much. I’m really short waisted with a muffin top even in loose clothes so the waistbands always scrunch up and the button digs in.
But first, Barbs aren’t jeans, are they? This is how I justify calling them jeans.
1. They are made of denim – albeit cheap not quite black stretch denim. (They were always meant to be a wearable muslin).
2. They have jeans pockets
I just copied a pocket of an old RTW pair. But note to self – interface stretch denim for pockets.
H also says they look good and fit my bum better than others. Then I look at these photos and think – really? Look at all those wrinkles. (And don’t look at all the loose threads from my very dodgy first ever machine rolled hem)

Maybe the wrinkles are because of my awkward midstep, pigeon toed stance…
Nope, apparently not. Maybe if I just stand awkwardly with a stupid look on my face?
Yeah, well that helps but of course this is the front and there are still wrinkles.
These are a size 16 and they are actually too big and so I was going to make the 14 now that I have it too. Of course, they’ll still need a flat bum adjustment.

Except they won’t… because this just arrived at my place.

I was pathetically pleased when I saw that Style Arc had released these. I have never instantly clicked on the buy button before, but I didn’t even hesitate. These were bought within minutes of the email arriving to announce the pattern release.
I’d also like to point out that I am so glad to have finally posted this. It’s been cathartic and I’ll never have to look at the pics again. I must remember that next time I’m procrastinating for this reason.
So, are you planning on making Flo? Or maybe you have already?
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4 Responses

  1. BeaJay says:

    They look great to me. Mine have wrinkles too. I just put it down to the fabric and the straight leg. Maybe mine need adjusting. Love the colour of yours. I am thinking about the flo.

  2. Accordion3 says:

    I usually blame the fabric for wrinkles & me for excess folding. I am again inspired by you, now considering denim Barbs. Will not be making Flo, my bum is the opposite of flat.

  3. Gaye Proctor says:

    Thanks BeaJay. They just seem to have so many wrinkles. But I'm hoping the Flo will get rid of the under bum wrinkles because that is definitely excess. I also now think that the leg wrinkles might be because mine no longer have straight legs – I made them skinnier and think I may have mucked up the grain.

    Here's hoping it is Flo to the rescue.

  4. Gaye Proctor says:

    Denim Barbs are the bomb. Wearing mine right now – as I do too often – need to make another pair. But will be making a black denim (same as these Barbs) pair of Flo shorts as a first version.

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