Style Arc Mila + double gauze = great travel dress

UPDATE 21/08 I finally got around to taking some slightly better photographs of this. And after 3 months (yikes!) of wear I am more than happy with this. I have another one planned too – this time in a smaller size. I think the need for this is most obvious in the back views.





Yes, it really is me and I’m so glad that you found your way over to the new site. Obviously there has been a bit going on around here – all of it excellent, I’m pleased to say.

But, you’re here for the sewing so let’s get on with it. I have to say up front, I really like this dress. It is everything I want in clothes – cool, comfortable and just slightly out of the ordinary. What do you think?






Style Arc Mila


Yeah, I know. Apologies for the crappy pics (some things don’t change around here). I now have a remote but need more practice. But the cat likes it.

This is a great, simple pattern that goes together really easily and should be quite quick to make. I say should be, because I made it all a little more difficult for myself. I hate pattern matching and then made it in a check (or plaid) without making a muslin. Don’t really know why I wrote that – I would never make a muslin for something like this anyway. Although my check matching is not too bad really.

But I was so focused on matching at the centre front seam that I cut two identical pieces. Yes, identical – not mirror image! Which is how the neck facing came to hand stitched down all round  – I had to do something while I waited for another piece of the fabric to dry so that I could recut it.


And I do think it is slightly too big. This is a size 20 – I’m sure the 18 would be fine. But I seem to be just on the cusp for Style Arc sizes and go back and forth between 18 and 20 – not always wisely. I made the Sian combo top in size 18 and it’s good, might benefit from a small FBA but really it gets worn a lot. So then I made the Amber blouse (not blogged) in a size 20 – way, way too big. And then I made the Skye top in a 20 and it is too small – needs a 1 inch FBA. And no it’s not blogged either. And, yes, I may have bought a few Style Arc patterns in one of their sales.

Hotel room selfie

Hotel room selfie

I also made it in double gauze – which is fabulous and a great pairing I think. it certainly makes this an excellent travel dress. (I am wearing it right now in a Bangkok hotel room). So you also get a hotel room selfie.

I will be back again soon as I work on my unblogged backlog. 

And apologies – pressed publish not preview – I am so out of practice at blogging!




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  1. Meg says:

    Stunning!! Love the combination of the two sides of the fabric. I have got to get my hands on some of that double gauze!

    I made the Mila this week, too! Great minds think alike!

  2. bcwestblog says:

    I wish I could feel the double gauze and rung cotton, they look really nice. I’d like to try them.

  1. September 14, 2016

    […] For her next Mila, which she’s already planning, Gaye says she would go down a size to an 18 as she found the 20 a bit roomy. You can read more about Gaye’s Mila in her blog post! […]

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