Reluctant Barbs

Actually the Barbs aren’t reluctant. I’m just reluctant to publish this post. Once again the photos have thrown me.  See I love these Barbs. They feel fabulous. Hands down the most comfortable jeans (yes, I’m calling them jeans) I have owned in years. Which admittedly isn’t actually saying much. I’m really short waisted with a […]

Blog hop

The blog hop baton has been passed to me from the lovely Lara of Thornberry. Lara is a prolific stitcher who makes fabulous clothes for herself and her gorgeous daughters. One (of the many) things I appreciate about Lara’s blog is that she experiments with shape, colour and fabric and shares all the results – […]

A Black Thai Affair

I ended up with this Thai mudmee cotton quite unintentionally. I had bought it for the shop but on closer examination discovered that it had a couple of faults so I had to use it myself. What a shame, eh? M6702 in Thai mudmee In the photo above you can quite clearly see the faded […]

To cowl or not to cowl?

That is the question. I’ve made M6604 twice now. The first time I ended up with bewbsmiles… M6604 As someone else said, “It is too tight but with too much excess fabric at the same time”. (Sorry don’t know who said it but from now on I will try to remember to save these posts […]